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This is a sign of early pregnancy. A missed period is the best way to know though

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2008-10-23 08:56:53
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Q: Your nipples are sore to the touch which is not normal for you could you be pregnant?
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What does it mean when your nipples are sore and really tender to touch and are 9 days overdue for period?

That u could very possibly be pregnant

What causes sore nipples you are not pregnant and you cycle is not coming on nipples are always sore?

Your question doesn't really make complete sense, but if you are asking what causes sore nipples, other than pregnancy, then I have one answer. Sometimes, a week or two before my menstrual cycle, my nipples are very sore to the touch. If your cycle is not coming, it could be the result from stress. I remember being stressed so bad, my period was delayed a week and three days. So it's perfectly normal for your nipples to be sore, especially if it's close to your monthly.

Could you get pregnant it someone touches you?

It rather depends on what they touch you with and where they touch you.

How can you touch your nipples?

with your hands

Can you touch a woman's nipples?


I am sixteen years old and my nipples haven't harden yet is that normal?

kind of just get someone to touch them. That should help

Why are your nipples sensitive to touch?

they're not

Why do women get horny when you touch their nipples?


Where should you touch a girl?

the nipples. for sure

You had a period last month for a day then spotted for four now your nipples are sore to the touch could you possibly be pregnant?

the best way to know is by taking a hpt--because the reason i said that cuz pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are alike so its hard to tell if you're pregnant or not--

My breasts and nipples are sore to the touch is this normal its 2 weeks before my period?

Actually yes. As a guy, suprizing or not,Iv`e read about puberty & periods & breasts. It`s very normal.

What place on the torso is most sensitive to touch?


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