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yes darkened n ipples is a sign of pregnancy

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Q: Your nipples are darker is this a sign of pregnancy?
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Around your nipples are getting darker and viens are starting to show What is this a sign of?

uh pregnancy

How do you make my nipples darker?

Nipples will darken during pregnancy.

You are expecting your period in a week and your nipples have become darker and you have been nauseous for 3 days is this a sign of PMS or pregnancy?

This could be a sign of pms or pregnancy. The only way to be sure is take a test!

Is sore nipples a sign of PREGANCY?

sore nipples can be a sign of pregnancy

Your nipples are sensitive could that mean is a sign of pregnancy?

No at pregnancy the nipples become hard not tender.

Do your nipples get bigger in early stages of pregnancy?

Many women find their nipples and areolae (the dark bits) get larger and darker quite early in pregnancy.

Is pregnancy the only reason for darker nipples?

No, a period can also cause this.

Could your nipples get darker and get bigger in false pregnancy?

I hope si

Is itchy nipples sign of pregnancy?

Yes! it is a good sign! and its also normal in the pregnancy.

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?

Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

Is discharge for nipples a sign of pregnancy?


Do womens nipples change in color after pregnancy?

Yes they usually gets darker during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Are sore nipples a sign of prenancy?

Yes it is a sign of pregnancy.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your nipples are stinging?

It can be a sign yes or a sign of nipple irritation.

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy?


Is nipples becoming dark a sign of pregnancy?


Is it a sign of pregnancy if your nipples are soft?


Why are your nipples getting dark?

This is a sign of pregnancy.

Nipples are pink is this a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is not. A pregnancy test with a positive result (signs vary on test) is a sign of pregnancy.

Is it normal for your nipples to get darker and then lighter towards end of pregnancy?

Changes in hormone levels during your pregnancy will change the appearance of your aureolas and nipples throughout pregnancy and afterwords as well. They can change in shape and color at anytime.

What are the very early symptoms of pregnancy?

Your nipples become darker, fatigue, missed period....

What does it mean when your nipples are sore to the touch?

Sore nipples can be a sign of pregnancy, or if you're due for a period, your nipples with get sore about a week before your period, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test.

Are sore nipples a sign of your period?

Yes and also a sign of pregnancy. PMS symptoms can mimic pregnancy symptoms.

Is tender nipples and an increase in breast size a sign of pregnancy?

It was my first sign

Are sensitive nipples a sign of starting your period?

They can be, but it can also be an early sign of pregnancy.