Why are your nipples swolen?

Updated: 9/16/2020
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it could be a sign of pregnancy or just tig ol bittys

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Q: Why are your nipples swolen?
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Why does your dog have swolen nipples?

The most obvious answer would be because it is a pregnant bitch. If she is not pregnant, she could have recently had a heat cycle or be nearing the period when she is in heat. Her hormones make the nipples protrude and swell more than normal, changing their shape, hardness, and texture slightly.

Does it get swolen around a fracture?

yes it does.

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They Can And They Can Also Eat Swolen Willys

Why is your ginnie pigs genitles swolen?

He is probably aroused! Give him a lady piggie.

Is it normal for your leg to be swolen two days by a hornets?

no it is not normal you should go to the hospital

When my dog gets erection it comes out to look swolen brown and with lumps is this bad?


Can I get tips on my pregnant cat?

Okay okay, Im sorry for not adopting kittens. It was an accident, I adopted two kittens and the male mated before he could get fixed. Any tips on how to care for my pregnant female? I know shes pregnant because her nipples are swolen and pink, her belly is big, and she eats a lot more. HELP!

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No they do not, nipples are not needed. Nipples are a feature of mammals, which suckle their young. Cockroaches are insects and do not suckle their young so they do not have nipples.

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Nipples. Not Nibbles. Nipples. A dog has eight to ten nipples.