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Consult a doctor

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Q: You went scuba diving and your ears have been hurting for 2 weeks what can you do?
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Does Avril lavigne like scuba or skydiving?

Scuba Diving.She has been known to be keen on technical diving as well,from what i heard.

Who started scuba diving?

The History of Scuba diving goes back through the centuries People have been diving underwater throughout the ages, probably for as long as people have been swimming….. It may not have been Scuba but it is the beginnings of the quest throughout the history of scuba diving to be able to dive underwater and be able to breath underwater. There are records, in some cases little more than myth, of the methods used and what was done while diving. Read more at this site:

Does Sherwood make quality regulators for scuba diving?

Absolutely! They've been making scuba regulators for nearly 60 years. The best made. Period!

Can you give your sentence using the word timid?

I was very timid when I heard we had to scuba dive to pass the class because I had never been scuba diving before.

How do you Scuba diving?

you go talk to nicky after you get martin and go skydiving.

What would you see if you went scuba diving?

Many different types of marine life you will expirence if you go scuba diving. It really depends what part of the world you go scuba diving in. Which will effect the type of things you see.

Does Suriname have scuba diving?

Scuba diving really hasn't been developed in Suriname. The only diving site that's listed is the wreck of the German cargo ship 'Goslar' in the Suriname River. Its geographic coordinates are 5 degrees 49 minutes 5.32 seconds North latitude and 55 degrees 9 minutes 32.84 seconds West longitude.

We've heard her tell how Tammy Trent's husband drowned in a scuba diving accident in 2001...has she remarried?

No, She has not been remarried. She is still looking for mr. right.

Sucba diving with broken bone I broke my collar bone about 12weeks ago. can I go sucba diving tomorrow?

I wouldn't. I've been scuba diving for 15 years now, and the first thing I learned was don't dive if you have recently broken a bone; it just traumatizes it & makes the bone heal much slower. -Jess

What famous ocean scientist helped invent modern scuba-diving equipment?

Diving has been going on for a very long time but in the 1943, a man named Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his buddy Emile Gagnan redesigned and tested the first "AQUALUNG" open air circuit.

What does Leisure Pro specialize in?

Leisure pro is a company that specializes in products for the scuba diving industry. From a pair of fins to a new dive mask, leisure pro can outfit you completely for a diving trip.

Can you breathe underwater with a mouse?

If the mouse has been certified to go scuba diving and passed a 5 dive on 2 separate days, of course it can dive. Finding a tank that little, might be a problem.