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uh yea sure...

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โˆ™ 2009-07-12 19:21:21
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Q: You want to play for a greek Baseball Team?
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Can you play professional baseball then NCAA basketball?

probably not. Cause your under contract an the team wouldn't want you to get injured.

What sport did Jerry Spinelli want to play when he was young?

Probably baseball because that was a popular sport in his time.Correction:He did play baseball, he was the sport stop on his little league team until he was 16

In pee wee football to you have to play for the team that's in your hometown?

No, you can play for what ever team you want.

How do you get in football?

You try out for the team that you want to play for

Why is baseball the greatest game in the world?

Baseball is not the greatest game in the world. However, polo is the game you want to play. sign up at to join our team.

DO you want to play baseball?

Why, yes I do

Do robots play baseball?

If you want them to.

How many pennants did a baseball team win?

Depends which team you want to know about.

You want to play Indian cricket team?


Do baseball players have to play in the outfield or could you legally play them all in the infield?

You can play baseball players as far as you want into the in-filed as you want its just not a good idea

How long do baseball players play baseball?

For as long as they want to of coarse!

Do you need baseball cleats to play baseball?

You do not need baseball cleats to play baseball but if you want the best peformance you should wear baseball cleats.

How do you start a career in baseball?

well if you want to be a pro baseball player, you should play in high school. than if your goiod enough, a college will offer you a scholarship to play baseball and attend that college. then when college is over you might become a free agent, or a team might offer you an invitation to play for them,

For which team did Jem want Atticus to play football?

The Methodists

Why does the Italian football team play in blue?

maybe they want to

I want to play in a basketball team but i have glasses what do i do?

Try contacts. :)

Is it mandatory to play baseball in America?

no,only if you want to you can

Did Jackie Robison want to play baseball?


There are 22 boys who want to play baseball there will be 2 teams how many boys will play on each team?

Well, let's see. If you divide the players evenly their will be 11 players on each team. However, only 9 players on each team can be in the lineup at any one time.

If you were born in US and your parents are from Mexico which national soccer team would you play for?

which ever you want to play for it can be any national team that calls you up to the national team

What caps do men want to buy?

Men want to buy baseball caps with team logos on them.

If you don't now how to play on afootball team and you want to?

Then you gotta learn how.

How you go to the nba team name Miami Heat?

you dont pick the team you want to play for because a team drafts you into theirs and you have to play good basketball in collage so a team drafts you

How do you use your created player in Madden NFL 07?

you pick what team you want him to be on then you go to play mode then you fine the team that you put him on then choose the that team and when you play you'll see him

Why does jerry in chocolate war want to be on football team?

because he wants to play