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You will burn between 200 and 300 calories by jogging 3 miles at a slow pace.

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Q: You jog everyday 3 miles very slowly. Will you burn your body fat jogging very slowly or will you get any benefit from it?
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What goes 5 miles an hour?

A person jogging slowly could move at 5mi/h.

What is better jogging 2 miles or biking 8 miles?

The answer would be biking 8 miles. Both biking and jogging are cardio activities, which gets the heart pumping, increases blood flow, and ultimately burns the most calories. Your heart rate would most likely be the same whether jogging or biking, so in the end, 8 miles is better than 2 miles.

When jogging how many miles is west 69 street to west 48 street?

2.5 miles

If you do Nautilus and walk 4 miles on the treadmill everyday will it tone you up in your legs and stomach?

You should lose fat all over your body which will be toning you legs and stomach. Try jogging for 45-60 min every other day.

What is considered fast walking speed?

That if you walk just several inches/seconds faster, you will be jogging.

What is the average jogging speed of adult male 36 years old?

6.9 miles per hour

Does Pop Century Resort have a track?

If by "track" you mean a walking/jogging trail, then yes, it does ... Pop Century Resort has a 1.38 miles walking/jogging trail, as well as an arcade and 3 swimming pools.

What are the physical benefit of playing soccer?

Soccer demands physically fit players since the game includes running as much as 3 or 4 miles per match. Cardivascular endurance is a physic ally beneficial result of the jogging and running that an outdoor soccer player normally does in a game.

What rate is Ross jogging in miles per hour if he jogs at a rate of 1 mile every 0.25 hours?

His rate is 4 miles per hour.

If you power walk 7 miles per day will you lose weight?

It depends on what you eat. If you walk 7 miles a day you should. If you don't you should try jogging 7 miles instead.

Jogger workout by jogging to the park a distance of 12 miles She then jogs home at the same speed but along a different route return trip is 18 miles her time is one hour longer what jogging speed?

If she took 1 hour longer on her return trip, it means that she travelled...18 - 12 = 6 miles in 1 hourTherefore she was travelling at a speed of 6mph

How many miles does Mike Tyson run?

When he was in his prime, he ran 7-8 miles everyday.