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Two feet in what? If the question concerns the requirement for a completed pass the answer is one.

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Q: You have to have 2 feet in at a college football game it is the new rule.?
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Does division 1 college football have overtime?

No college football changed the overtime rule in 1000 b.c you just won twenty dollars

When did college football adopt the defer rule on the coin toss?


Who scored the first 2 point conversion in college football?

Florida State 1958 when playing Tenn Tech in Tallahassee. They were the first game of the season after the rule change

Did the NFL ever stop the clock after first downs?

No, that rule has been in college football for a long time but has never been adopted by the NFL.

When was the first Australian Football game recorded?

never England rule

When are you down in college football Does a wrist count or is that part of your hand?

A wrist being down does not constitute a player being down. The rule stands the same in HS, college or NFL football.

What is the rule for a missed field goal in college football?

In college football, the rule for a missed field goal to the kicker's left is called wide left and conversely wide right if it misses to the kicker's right. It is described as short if it is aimed correctly but does not have the distance to go over the cross bar.

When was rule change when knee down put into effect in college football?

no sucking boys balls sack b....

What is the patent number of the game football?

Football is not patented. The rules are readily available and anyone can play. Many items related to football have copyrights, such as the rule books, team names and recordings of games.

What is the rule in football game after 12 goals?

Football does not have a "mercy" ruling, where the game is ended after a certain scoreline is reached. In first class football, the record is 36-0 held by Scottish team Arbroath in their Cup match against Bon Accord in 1885.

In Illinois high school football what is the mercy rule?

Maybe the rule that keeps the clock running if the score get to high at a given point in the game. i.e. 60 to 0

What are football playoffs?

where teams of a certain ranking battle in a tournament to see who win a championship usually BCS but this rule is not yet enforced in college