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I Would get a fracture full set up to start off

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βˆ™ 2009-11-08 13:41:45
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Q: You have never had a skateboard before and you want to learn how to ride one and do tricks what is the best skateboard make for you?
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Are Kult skateboard trucks good quality?

NO!!! I had some but they broke so I changed to destructo and I was doing tricks I've never done be4!

How do you convince your mom and dad to get you a skateboard?

Beg like you never begged before!

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What trick has never been done on a skateboard?

Lunar orbit...

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How do you make a trick up on skateboard?

just do one that you have never seen anywhere

How do you skateboard better?

Simple, you practice. First learn to keep your balance. Then, look on youtube or google "How to Ollie". You will find many techniques and a lot of good online tutors. After ollie, learn shuv its or pop shuv its. Then kickflip, etc. -- the above post is dead on correct but I need to add - Never forget to wear your pads and helmet when practicing or trying new tricks on your board. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room. I know I've been there a few times.. - VooDoo 13 -

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