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Q: You have an autographed softball by Babe Ruth it was made by H Harwood and is a duro seam 12 inch ball is this authentic?
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Who created the rules in softball?

Babe Ruth

What is an autographed babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig baseball bat worth?

200 dollars or more

How much is a autographed Babe Ruth jersey worth?

Maybe 10$. The jersey would probably be too old to wear.

How much would a softball be worth from an game played in 1937 between the Navy and pro's. It is signed by Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig and others. The Navy stamp is on the softball.?

Probz around $300

When was the date of production on the Babe Ruth candy redemption cards?

There were 6 cards producted numbered 1 through 6 you sent them in to the Babe Ruth Candy Company Cleveland Ohio and received an autographed baseball in return

Authentic babe Ruth 60th home run in box What is the value?

not sure what you are asking - maybe, asking it in detail might generate an answer

What is the value of a Babe Ruth 60th homer card?

If you can get it authenticated, then it is probably worth a few million autographed, but unsigned, that's maybe $1,000-3,000

What is worth more a fake Babe Ruth card or a real signed Roberto Clemente card?

A fake Babe Ruth card will have no collectors value there for any other authentic baseball card or signature will have a higher value.

How much is a1985 autographed team baseball Kansas City Royals worth?

It depends on the people who signed it. do some research on the teamates and how good the team was and then you will get to estmate the team total. for instance if babe Ruth gave away a autographed baseball it would be worth alot.

What is the value of an autographed Aaron Babe Ruth collectors edition bat from the Babe Ruth Museum?

I know that a base ball can range from about 1000 to 15000 depending on the condition. I am sure it is worth more than a ball. It depends on the condition of the bat. 1 grand

What are the values for the four different 1933 Goudey Gum Babe Ruth baseball cards?


What is the value of a photo autographed by Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth picturing the two.?

A Lou Gehrig autographed photo would be in the $5,000. range. Babe Ruth signed a lot of autographs during his career, and although still one of the most highly sought after signatures sells a little lower at $3,500.+ In general a dual signed Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig photograph could be worth between $6,000. - $10,000. Condition of the photo, and clarity of the signatures will be a major factor in pricing, as well as getting the signatures authenticated. The composition of the photo could also effect the price. Add value for inscriptions.