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well i was a cheerleader for a few years really what ya have to do is trust the person... and if u have trouble of goin in the air or getting up ask ur coach for a spotter... ---- see discussion about Spotting and cheer If trust is somewhat there in your bases then next step is in YOU!! With fear being an untouchable object it is hard to deal with. One of the best methods then is to deal with touchable, tangible things that increase safety and relieve the fear. So know the technique, concentrate on it as you go into your skill. Pick out one core piece of the technique you want your body to do in the skill that is hugely responsible for it's safe execution and concentrate on that. This concentration on making your body do something correct increases safety in reality AND it keeps the mind occupied not allowing distractions, a wondering mind or doubts to slip in. All those increases fears

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Q: You get nervous in cheerleading stunts how can you get over this?
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Is it harder to learn football cheerleading stunts than basketball cheerleading stunts?

If you ask me, the stunts are both the same. No matter what you cheer for, you have the same stunts, tumbling.

Do you have to have a license to do cheerleading stunts?

not yet

What is the most dangerous thing about cheerleading?

Stunts most definitley.

What do you do on a cheerleading squad?

You learn cheers, stunts, jumps, and tumbling

You cheer 2 game do they do stunts?

yes they do i am on a high school cheerleading squad and we do stunts for football games all the time!

What are cheerleading school?

Cheerleading Schools are for incoming cheerleaders. They teach you everything there is to know about cheerleading. They teach you stunts, cheers, dances, stretching, flexability, safety etc... :)

How is cheerleading organized?

there are 7 parts of cheerleading onpening at the begining stunts jumps motion drill running tumbling pyramid and dance

How many Ohio schools do cheerleading stunts?

By national cheerleading laws, it should be. As long as a flyer's head does not go below her feet, no multi-story stunts, etc. However, your school may have different rules.

What do you nee to make a cheerleading routine?

Cheerleading has 5 parts, Cheer, jumps, dance, stunts, and tumbling. All star cheer does not have a cheer.

What are the top 10 dangerous cheerleading stunts?

69. wombat. spoom. hurkey jurkey......

Is cheerleading a type of dance?

Many people have different opinions if cheerleading is a type of dance. But basically dance is included in cheerleading. Of course you do all the stunts and tumbling but you also have dance sequences! :D

What are the example of group stunts in?

In gymnastics there really isn't any stunts. That's more of a Cheerleading thing. You may mean having a coach spot you when you say "stunt" and in that case there are alot of stunts in gymnastics!