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It's probably the 2nd most sought after card in the hobby.

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Q: You found a 311 mickey Mantle 1952 card in the walls of a house reno- the top corner is ripped off- is this card valuable?
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What is the value of a Mickey Mantle autograph on a napkin?

The Mickey Mantle signed napkin would be in value as a Cut signature which is worth about $50.-$120. Prices will vary based on type of authenticity, and condition. Signatures that are not authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Mantle has signed many bar napkins and the humorous inscriptions that follows if any will add the bulk of the value. The problem with a signed napkin is the low quality of the paper used. This will also dictate the value as a collector will not plop down a load of cash on a signature that could be easily ripped or ruined. With this said the value could drop from the price stated above.

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What is the value of a Mickey Mantle Glove Model MMF from Rawlings?

The Rawlings MMF Mickey Mantle Fastback baseball glove is a mid ranged priced glove. In very good condition they sell for about $50.- $60. and $100.-$150. in excellent to near/mint condition. As with all collectibles condition is most important on the value providing that the item is authentic.Common flaws with Gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, Dry or cracking leather, ripped or missing manufacturer label, worn printing/player endorsement on the glove, and the name of the owner of the glove hand written on it. All or any will effect the value.The MMF Mickey Mantle Fastback baseball glove sold for $16.95 in 1968 as shown in the advertising at the link I left below. Advertisments like this are a great way of dating your memorabilia. They are also great to display with the glove, and might add value when selling the glove. I will also leave a link for further information on other Mickey Mantle baseball gloves.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle printed autographed baseball glove?

Mickey Mantle Stands at the top of the Baseball collecting world. One of the most highly collected ballplayers, Mickey also endorsed 1000s of Items. Baseball Bats alone, I have over 100 different Mickey Mantle Store model bats and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Mickey Mantle endorsed youth baseball gloves sell between $50.00 and $100.00 in excellent to near min condition. Adult, and professional model gloves can sell between $100.00 and $200.00. If you have the original Box the Glove came in, with the glove you can get over $1,000.00 easy. Of cause there are a number of factors that will determine the value of the glove. Model, Year issued, and condition the most important. Most common flaws with Gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, Dry or cracking leather, ripped Manufacturer label on back, printing on glove worn out, and the person who owned the glove name written on it. Advertisements for the Glove found in vintage magazines are a great way of dating the glove. It will also increase the value, putting the ad together with the glove. I will leave a couple of links below to help find a value for your glove.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle MM9 baseball glove?

The Rawlings Mickey Mantle "Triple Crown Winner" MM9 pro design, Youth size glove is worth about $35.-$50. in excellent- near/mint condition. A glove in mint condition could sell for more. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, dry or cracking leather, ripped manufacturer label on back, worn printing on glove, and owners name hand written on it. any of these flaws will lower the value on the glove. See Releated Links below, for picture, and more information.

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