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safety, cornerback, halfback, receiver. all depends on how fast u truly are

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Q: You are entering your sophomore year of high school football you are 5 feet 11 inches 165 pounds fast athletic hard hitter what position would you be good at in football?
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Who is Charlie MacDonald?

Charles "Charlie" Macdonald is an English football (soccer) player. He plays the position of striker for Oldham Athletic.

What position did john f Kennedy play in football?

John F. Kennedy played wide receiver for the Harvard junior varsity team. He player only in his freshman and sophomore year.

What is the most athletic position in baseball?


What is the football position ks?

the football position ks is Kicker

What is the MLB position in football?

This is the Middle Linebacker position

What is the position S in football?

the position s is the safety

If i am a sophomore 6'0 185 pounds what position should i play IN FOOTBALL I Play tight end now but is that my ideal position?

Tight end is a good place for you, if your team mates are taller than you then i would suggest there. Try linebacker or even nose guard, and if your fast try running back.

What does the g position in football?

G can stand for goalkeeper in football.

Is there a fitness coach on a basketball team?

There is: that position is known as the athletic trainer. Generally, only college and professional teams have athletic trainers.

What is the football position Y?


What is the football position PP?


Which position is best in football?


What position is 51 in football?


What is a passive defender?

A football position

What position am i good enough to play for football im weigh 161 and playing jv quick and athletic?

Sounds to me like Strong Safety, Free Safety, Slot WE, Running Back. Keep in mind that a lot of football players change positions as they go through high school, college, and the pros. Find a position that you are good at and excel.

What is the football position abbreviated by 'flk'?

Flanker (wide receiver in football)

What is the average salary for director of football operations at the collage level?

There is a wide difference between the structure, roles and responsibilties of this position throughout Division 1 intercollegiatte football. These differences are an outcome of the perspective of this role by the head football coach and the athletic director at Division 1 schools. The salary is an extension of this and even whether or not this position reports to the head coach or the athletic director (and/or is considered an assistant athletic director as well). There are young inexperienced (both in terms of football or "business" skills) individuals who are really a glorified graduate assistant as well as more experienced individuals (who have had coaching and/or academic and/or business experince) who play a "legitimate" role and have "legitimate" responsibilities such a recruiting coordinator, development and/or can be a public voice of the program. Specifically, salaries for this position at Division 1 institutions range from $30,000 with no real perks to $200,000 annually with perks such as a courtesy car, bowl bonus, etc.

What is the meaning of the football position 'ATH'?

It stands for "athlete." It is used in college football when recruiting - and before they have decided on a position for the player.

What is the meaning of entry level position?

Entry level position is associated with the prerequisites before entering or applying for the job.

I can throw the ball 35-40 yards. I can punt 35 yards. I have average speed. I am 5'9 and weigh 150. I am a sophomore. I played wr and was a backup safety.What football position should I play?

Play punter 35 is good fir high school

Could you become a quarterback for your school team after never playing before as a sophomore?

yes if you try hard and do your best; by training for the position.

What is a line backer?

Line Backer is an American football position. It is a defensive position.

What position is NT in football?

Nose Tackle

How do you play guard position?

In Football or in Basketball??

What is the football position SS?

Strong safety.