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Q: You are Canadian and moved to the US Can your US husband and you live in both countries when he retires?
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Is margaret atwood a Canadian author?

She definitely is Canadian, born and raised. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario, lived for a while in Quebec, studied and graduated in Toronto. She has moved to other countries for short periods of time in her life but has now moved back to Toronto.

What do I do if I moved out and my husband followed me and won't get out?

Have him arrested?

Where did Rosa parks live with her husband?

SHE lived with her husband in Alabama the they moved to Detroit,Michigan. Megan d

My husband moved out and now hardly talks to me?

Well, he hardly talks to you because he moved out and whatever issues that the two of you are having that made him move out.

How coal get moved place to place?

coal is moved by ocean tankers to the countries that ordered them

How is wood moved around the world?

Wood is usually moved between countries by ship.

Is Taylor swift a Canadian?

nope she grew up in Pennsylvania then moved to LA :)

Was Edwin S Lowe Canadian?

No, he wasn't. He immigrated from Poland and moved to America at a young age.

Where did anne huchinson move when she was banished?

She moved to Road Island and then got married and then her husband died and then she moved back to Road Island

Can you change the locks on your home after your husband moved out?

Sure. It's easy.

Can my husband file for a divorce if he moved to Kentucky from Indiana?

if residency is established

Would the wendat get married?

yes they would and the husband always moved to the wife's clan

What is a migrent?

A migrant is somebody who has moved countries.

What Canadian NHL teams moved to US?

Winnipeg jets and quebec city nordiques

Is Jared Leto french?

Jared is French Cajun. Born in Bossier City Louisianna. His grandfather moved from the Canadian French area and moved to the southern USA

Couple moved from California to kansas Husband is disabled vet spouse not working can husband be forced to pay wifes bills?

The assets of a husband and wife are considered to be merged. He is responsible for his spouse's debts.

What countries were the new immigrants from that moved into the US?


Is Avril a Canadian citizin?

Yes she is but she dropped out of school at about age 15 and moved to America for her career.

Does Nina Dobrev have Canadian citizenship?

Yes, she does. She was born in Bulgaria but moved to Canada at the age of 2.

Is Alexander Graham Bell Canadian or American?

He was actually born in Scotland but moved to Canada but did most of his inventing in Boston.

What is the goal of the NAFTA?

To open trade between the countries of North America. Unfortunately too many high paying jobs moved from the US to under developed countries because it was cheaper for the companies who moved.

Which Canadian City once had a NHL hockey team called Nordic that was moved to Colorado?

Quebec City.

What 2 countries did people moved before 1890?

People can move countries. Talk about not skipping leg day.

What happended after Rosa parks was arrested?

in 1957, Rosa parks moved to Detroit with her husband and her mother.

Where should I get the form to stop child support as I moved back to my husband?

from child support enforcement