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well good question i think within playing five years of lawn tennis with other pros you can , you just need to practice hard and hard and even harder . Venus and Serena Williams are one of the besr players in womens history of tennis and they have won so many grand slams on lawn hard and clay courts so yes it is possible.

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Q: You are 20 years old and you are a bigginer of tennis can you can be world champion up to 25 years in lawn tennis?
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Can a bigginer can be tennis world champion in five years?

Can a bigginer can be tennis world champion in five years?

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Real Tennis predates organised Lawn Tennis by nearly 100 years. The Real Tennis championship is not a tournament as that it is held on a challenge basis.A player can challenge the reigning champion,who can decline or accept any challenge.So in 1840,there was in fact only 1 match which was won by a Frenchman,known as Clerge the Elder,who thus became World Champion. The current world champion is Robert Fahey,an Australian,who won his 10th straight championship in Melbourne in April 2010

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