Yankees won against in 2003

Updated: 8/17/2019
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The New York Yankees lost the 2003 World Series to the Florida Marlins.

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Q: Yankees won against in 2003
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Has mn twins won against New York Yankees in the play offs?

Up to the 2010 MLB playoffs, no. The Twins lost to the Yankees in 2009, 2004, and 2003.

What was Yankees record against Red Sox 2007?

The Red Sox and Yankees played 18 times in 2007. The Yankees won 10 and the Red Sox won 8.

In 2003 how many games did the NY Yankees win?

The 2003 New York Yankees won 101 games and lost 61 for a .623 winning percentage.

How many World Series have the Florida Marlins appeared in?

Two. 1997 against the Cleveland Indians and 2003 against the New York Yankees. They won both series therefore they have two World Series titles.

What year did the Chicago Cubs play at the New York Yankees?

In the World Series ... 1932 and 1938 both of which were won by the Yankees in sweeps. In the regular season ... 2003 when the Cubs won twice and the Yankees once and 2005 when the Yankees won all three games. Prior to their meeting for three games on June 17-19, 2011 the Yankees lead the all time series 12-2.

What years did A-Rod win the MVP Award with the New York Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez won the American League MVP in 2003, and 2005

Who won the Warren Spahn Award in 2003?

Andy Pettitte, New York Yankees

Who has the best won-lost pitcher wins against the Yankees?

doc haliday

How many games have the tigers won this year?

2 against the Yankees and the Mets

How many times have the New York Yankees lost in the ALCS?

The New York Yankees won 40 American League pennants.

How many times have the Yankees and the Red Sox met in the playoffs?

The Boston Red Sox won 9 games against the New York Yankees in 2009, and lost 9.

When was last time Yankees won championship game?

The Yankees last winning championship game was on October 26, 2000 against the New York Mets. The Yankees won in 5 games