Yankee has most RBIs in team history?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig 1,995 RBI's

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Q: Yankee has most RBIs in team history?
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Who had the most RBIs on the cardinals team?

Stan Musial

What yankee team had the best record in team history?

1927 or 2001

Which ny Yankee has over 180 rbi?

Lou Gehrig holds the New York Yankees team record for RBIs in a single season with 184 in 1931.

When was Team Yankee created?

Team Yankee was created in 1987-08.

What team has lost the second most games in Yankee Stadium?

the Yankees

Which MLB team has the best post All-Star Break record in history?

The New York Yankee's

What is the ISBN of Team Yankee?

The ISBN of Team Yankee is 0-89141-290-5.

Who has the most career home runs as a New York Yankee who never played for another team?

Mickey Mantle, with 536 career home runs between 1951 and 1968, has the most home runs as a New York Yankee, who has not played for another team. Babe Ruth has the most home runs as a Yankee with 659, but has also played for the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Braves.

What team does Derek Fisher play for?


Who is the most losing team in NFL history overall?

well it would be the Oakland raiders they are the worst team in history

What has the author Bob Marshall written?

Bob Marshall has written: 'Diary of a Yankee-hater' -- subject(s): History, New York Yankees (Baseball team)

Why are the yankee's a baseball team and not a softball team?

baseball brings more money.