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Q: Wrestlers who have died?
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How many wrestlers have died from WWE?

They said 99 wrestlers have died

How many wrestlers died?

over 200 wrestlers died. sorry to tell you

What wrestlers have died this year?

lance cade

Wrestlers who have died in 2008?

bmbm bmbm

How many wrestlers have died in 2009?


Which pro wrestlers have died?

umaga is one of them

How many WWE wrestlers died in 2009?


WWE wrestlers who have died?

The wrestlers that I know that died are:Andre the GiantEddie GuerreroAndrew "Test" MartinChris BenoitYokozunaBig Boss ManBad News BrownOwen HartGiant GonzalesCapt. Lou AlbanoGorilla MonsoonAnd the women wrestlers that have died are:Miss ElizabethThe Fabulous MoolahSensational Sherri

Who are the wrestlers who died in 2009?

the only one i know is umaga.

What professional wrestlers died in 2009?

Andrew "Test" Martin

Wrestlers that have died in 2009?

Andrew Martin aka Test

Who are WWE wrestlers that died?

there are a lot of superstars are died such as umaga,chief jay strong bow.etc.

Which pro wrestlers have died because of steroid abuse?

Chris Beniot?

How many wrestlers have died in WWE?

In the ring only Owen Hart

Is ted dibiase died?

no.wellwhich one.threre is 4 tedbaisines who are wrestlers

What WWE wrestlers died too early?

Umaga.Eddie Guerrero.Chris benoit.

List of dead wrestlers?

Some wrestlers who have died are Andre the Giant, Viscera, and Randy Savage. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit are also deceased.

Wwe wrestlers that have died in 2008-2010?

Andrew "Test" Martin - Died 2009Edward"Umaga"S.Fatu Died 2010

How many pro wrestlers have died in the past 10 years?

over 100

What pro Wrestlers Died in 2011?

macho man/king randy savage

How many raw wrestlers?

There Are 30 Wrestlers On Raw. 22 Male Wrestlers And 8 Female Wrestlers.

How many WWE wrestlers have died?

they say around about 99 maybe even more

Has any female wrestlers died?

While in action - NO Due to old age - Many

What do wrestlers spank the female wrestlers?

they don't

Are wrestlers real?

Yes. Wrestlers are real