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Could be the Super Bowl XV Wild Card team Oakland Raiders, who beat the favored Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 27 - 10 on January 25, 1981. The very next year, the Raiders didn't even make the playoffs, with a losing season, going 7-9-0. And although the 6th seed Wild Card team Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XL, they could never be referred to as a "Worst" anything. It was a matter of # of wins and losses that had them at 6th seed, but they knew how to persevere. The next season was a break-even for the Steelers at 8 - 8, but QB Ben Roethlisberger, prior to the beginning of that season, was riding his motorcycle without a helmet and was hit by a car, resulting in lots of injuries. He later had an appendicitis attack and more surgery and then had a concussion at the beginning of the season. Then the 5th seed Wild Card team New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII, defeating the previously UNDEFEATED New England Patriots, who ended the season 18 - 1. I'm not so sure that any team who wins a Super Bowl could be considered a worst. Because the Giants were great !

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Q: Worst NFL team to ever win the Super Bowl?
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