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David Beckham is one of them.

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Q: World cup England players red carded?
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How many players in the England squad for the world cup?

There are 23 players in the English squad for the world cup.

How many players from England went to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup 2010?

England sent 23 players in their squad to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.

How many England players are there in the world cup 2010?

Like every team in the 2010 World Cup, England have a 23 man squad.

Why did England win the world cup in 1966?

The England team were better players that anyone else

What club had the most players when England won the world cup?

It was Liverpool and West ham.

How many English based premiership players in world cup squads?

There are 87 not including the England squad.

What England football players played in the 1998 world cup?

The players who played in 1998 was David Beck ham, Steven Gerrard and Lampard.

Why was Beckam unpopular in 1998?

1998 was not a good year for David Beckham. During the World Cup quarter finals, England vs Argentina, Beckham was red carded for kicking Argentinian player Diego Simeon. When he was sent off for the game, England was finished and was out of the FIFA World Cup Tournament. Beckham has widely been blamed for England's failure to win because of this.

How many players can go to the football world cup?

A country can take 23 players to the World Cup

How many players are there in the World Cup?

There will be 828 players in the world cup do the maths 23x36=828 simple

How does England pick its world cup team?

The manager (Roy Hodgson) chooses the top English soccer players

What club team had the most representitives in the England squad at the 1990 world cup?

glasgow rangers with 4 players

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