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The record for the longest discus throw belongs to a German man named Jurgen Schult. He set the record on June 6, 1986, throwing a discus 243 feet 1/2 inches.

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Q: World's longest discus throw
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What is the longest discus throw for an eighth grader?

The longest discus throw was a 205'5. This was by an 8th grader.

What is the longest discus throw in the 2008 Olympics?

The 2008 Olympics was held in Beijing China. The gold medal for the longest discus was awarded to Gerd Kanter for a throw of 68.82 metres (223.8 feet).

What was the longest discus throw ever?

6200 km (.06 miles)

What is the longest discus throw for a 8th grader?

The record at my school is 130 feet

Is there a game called Discus in the Olympics?

Yes, the discus is a track and field event. A heavy disc, called a discus is thrown, the longest throw wins the game.

Who holds the boys record for the longest discus throw in high school?

Braedan Ash in 2005 threw 240 feet in discus

Who has the world record for the longest discus throw and what is their nationality?

The men's world record for the men's 2kg discus throw is held by Jurgen Schult of Germany with a throw of 74.08 meters in 1986. The women's world record for the women's 1kg discus throw is held by Gabriele Reinsch of Germany with a throw of 76.80 meters in 1988.

Where can one find information on discus throw?

The history of the discus throw can be found in the book Historical Dictionary of Track and Field. Lessons on how to throw a discus can be found in books such as "Teach Yourself Discus Throw."

Who has the women world record for 2kg discus throw?

women don't throw a 2kg discus, only a 1kg discus.

An event where athletes throw a flat circle?


When was discus entered in the Olympics?

Men's discus throw debuted at the 1896 Games in Athens and women's discus throw debuted at the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

What is the event discus?

"Discus Throw" is a sporting event where an athlete throws a heavy disc called DISCUS

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