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Some sports for women in the 1920s were swimming, track and field, and tennis. During the 1924 Olympics the only category for women was figure skating.

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Q: Women's sports in the 1920s
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Sports in the 1920s?

Some sports that were played in the 1920s include golf, football, baseball, and boxing. Other sports were hockey, tennis, rugby, and cricket.

How did sports influence people in the 1920s?

Sports in the 1920s influenced the people by allowing women to participate in many of the major sports games. This active movement in sports allowed women to be celebrated as heroes.

What are Madagascar's major sports?

Mostly Womens basketball and womens tennis but rest of sports r praticly like ares

What did Womens ability to vote contributed to?

The woman's suffrage movement in the 1920s

How did sports mania in the 1920s change the average Americans involvement in sports?


What happen in the 1920s?

the 1920s had good sports.

What are dissimilarities between the sports today vs sports in the 1920s?


What were the popluar sports of the 1920s?


What is an example of a informative sentence?

what is the example for informative example for womens sports

Mens and womens job pay in 1920s?

like, $10 dollars an hour in a busdriver

Why did the KKK re-emerge in the 1920s?

they were against urbanization, womens rights, andmodern technology

How did womens lives change during the 1920s?

For one, they were given the right to vote in the US

What sports were there for women in the 1920s?

there was cooking and cleaning

Who was the sports hero in the 1920s?

babe Ruth

Did sports become a big business in the 1920s?


Who was known for his accomplishments in sports during the 1920s?

Many athletes were known for their accomplishments in sports during the 1920s. Some of these include Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, and Jim Thorpe.

How did womens fashion in the 1920s impact the role of women in America?


How did the womens rights change during the 1920s?

by saying they weren't afraid and are going to fight for freedom .

What were sports like in the 1920s and 1930's?

they was fun

How did sports become so popular in the 1920s?


This person was known for his accomplishments in sports during the 1920s.?

all of the above

Why were sports important in the 1920s?

sports is important because it helps us stay fit and healthy

Has the emphasis on school sports for girls brought womens sports to a higher standard in America?

yes and has made more women across America played sports Yes it has and in many schools womens sports are just as emphazized if not more than the boys sports like mine for example.

What are the differences between the sports today vs sports in the 1920s?

the sports today are alot more safer and also we have better eqipment

What were the sports like in the 1920s to 1930s?

major league baseball