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Q: With which team did Lance Armstrong make his professional cycling debut?
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With which senior club did Ronaldinho make his professional debut?


Who is the oldest man to make a professional boxing debut?


When did Zab Judah make his professional debut?

Zab Judah made his professional debut on September 20, 1996 in Miami, Florida. He was eighteen years old. He compiled a record of 110-5 in his amateur career.

Which dancing with the stars contestant made his professional debut on aka pablo?

Master P

Which Dancing with the Stars contestant made his professional debut in aka Pablo?

Mario Lopez

Who played tennis first Venus or Serena Willams?

Venus is elder and she made her professional debut in Tennis in 1994; while Serena made her debut in 1995.

Was gerry casey of tranmere rovers sent off on his professional football league debut?

Yes, he was. It was on his debut vs Torquay Utd in 1967. In fact, he was the first man since the war to be sent of on his debut in the football league.

What year did Frank Lampard make his debut?

1994- Youth Career 1995- Professional Career

When did the the American Dream Dusty Rhodes make his professional wrestling debut?

American Dream Dusty Rhodes made his professional debut in 1969. Dusty Rhodes was a wrestler who was very popular in the National Wrestling Association and won the NWA World Championship title three times.

When did tiger woods play in his first professional tournament?

He played in the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1996, this was his pro debut.

When did Ronnie Coleman started training?

Ronnie is active bodybuilder since 1990. He made his professional debut in 1992.

When did track cycling start in the olyimpics?

cycling made its debut at the 1896 Olympics in Athens. The first race was a 100 kilometer race held on a track 1/3 km long. Leon Flameng of France won the gold medal in a time of 3:08:19.2.

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