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They advance two bases from the time of the "throw" (into the stands). If a pitcher did it from the mound, it would be only one base.

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Q: With less than two outs an outfielder thinks his catch is the third out and throws the ball into the standshow many bases do the runners on base get?
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A pop fly is bobbled by the outfielder and the runner takes off before he has control of the ball is it out?

The runner would be out if he does not return to the base before the fielder throws it to the base. Runners may advance from their base as soon as the ball is touched by a fielder. In this case, the runner would not be out.

Is the outfielders throw a noun?

Both the word outfielders and the word throw are nouns, however the term'outfielders throw' is an incorrect form.The noun outfielders is the simple plural form for the noun outfielder. The term requires the word to be the possessive form: the throw of the outfielder or the throws of the outfielders:singular possessive: outfielder's throwplural possessive: outfielders' throws

What happens if there are only 2 outs and the outfielder after catching a pop fly throws the ball into the stands by mistake?

If there are 2 outs, and a fly ball is caught by an outfielder, that would be the 3rd out, ending the inning. If the outfielder then throws the ball into the stands, nothing would happen, because the inning would already be over and time would be out.

What happens when the bases are empty and there is only 1 out and the outfielder after catching a pop fly he thinks is the third out throws the ball into the stands by mistake?

The home plate umpire will give the pitcher a new ball. When balls go foul, they just get thrown into the stands, and the umpire will usually bring out a new ball anyway. No big deal.

When an outfielder throws the ball to second base and the throw pulls the second baseman off the bag and the second baseman doesn't catch the ball and the runner is safe who is charged with the error?

second base man- as long as the outfielders throw was decnt and in his range. if not, well the outfielder.

When a runner is thrown out at 1st base and no other runners are on base Where does the 1st baseman throw the ball?

I believe he throws it back to the Pitcher.

What happens when a ball is thrown in the dugout?

Whoever throws the ball into the dugout is credited with an error, and all base-runners advance 1 base.

When bases are loaded ball is hit on ground to first baseman who tags runner out then throws home all runners go back to previous bases are runners all safe?

Yes. If the first baseman tags out the batter on his way to first, the three existing runners can return to their original bases; none can be "forced out."

What does a cut off man do in softball?

When a ball is hit to the outfield, it is thrown in to a cut-off man, who is essentially there to shorten the throws. This way, the outfielder doesn't have to try to throw the ball extremely far.

What is a challege in football?

A challenge is wen the coach thinks it wasn't right he throws in a flag then they go over the play.

Definition of play first in softball?

It's a play where in the fielder throws the ball to 1st base to get the batter-runner out. This play is always done when there are no runners on base.

What does pitching out of the stretch mean?

When runners are on base, pitchers generally tend to pitch out of the stretch, meaning that they shorten the time it takes to prepare and throw a pitch. This is done to prevent base runners from stealing base. When there are no runners on base, pitchers tend to pitch out of the wind up.