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An arrow is shot straight up at an initial velocity of 250 ms How long will it take to hit the ground

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Q: Witch club had Steven Gerrard for a try out when he was 14?
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What is steven gerrard' fan mail address? it works he got back to me and sent me pics of games and things so try it is true trust me!! xxx

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The only people likely to know are his accountants. You can try asking them but it is doubtful they would reply.

How do you get the monster in club penguin?

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try checking the question before you give the answer (witch is the wrong one) try checking the question before you give the answer (witch is the wrong one) try checking the question before you give the answer (witch is the wrong one)

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because Edmund betrayed the white witch's side for Aslan and his sibling's side and aslan will try to try his best to help Edmund

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If you REALLY need a witch one will contact YOU! If you can't wait, try googling Wicca, or possibly even try finding it in a phone book.

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