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Q: Wimbledon is a prestigious event in which sport?
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Wimbleden is a prestigious event in what sport?

Tennis, of course.

Why is there Wimbledon tennis?

Wimbledon is a very prestigious event, said even by the greats as "the best event." I think it has to do with the players' feel of the atmosphere and event. Also, there is much tradition and rich history behind Wimbledon (oldest event). It is also the only grand slam event played on grass. For example, such traditions involve players wearing all white.

Which sport is Wimbledon associated?


England's most prestigious tennis tournament is?


How much do tennis girls and boys make at the Wimbledon championship?

Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis competition in the sport. In 2012, winners of the championship earned 1, 150, 000 British pounds each in the singles men and ladies category.

Wimbledom hosts what sport?

Wimbledon is host to the sport of tennis.

The Mac Robertson International Shield is awarded in what sport?

It's awarded for Association Croquet. It is regarded as the highest, most prestigious event in the sport. The next event will be in 2010 when the national teams of Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA compete in the UK.

35 years ago today Arthur Ashe won what prestigious tennis tournament in England?


What is the home sport of Wimbledon?

Tennis and croquet, though Wimbledon also has it's own soccer team

Has Wimbledon ever hosted an olympic event?


What sport is played at Wimbledon in the united kingdom?


What sport is the international competition Wimbledon associated with?