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Q: Will your bat be ruined if it gets wet?
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Will a fleece jacket be ruined if it gets wet?

No. It goes through the washer. :)

What is positive side waterproofing?

If something is waterproof it won't get ruined when it gets wet.

If your cell phone gets wet will it ruin it?

Well it depends on how wet it gets, as if it were to fall in a pool or a toilet then yes it will get ruined. Although if it were to get just a drop of water on it then chances are it will be just fine.

What happens when leather gets wet?

Leather will turn back to normal once it dries. Be careful not to scuff it while it's wet as the scuff will ruin it. Wet leather is not ruined leather.

Do featherbed get ruined if they get wet?

No, simply air it out.

Are wet clothes that freeze and get ice on them ruined?

No, after they thaw they will be wet, and eventually dry.

Can a wool suit get wet?

Wool can absolutely get wet. Of course, once it does it will be ruined but that wasn't your question.

What happens when your bat is wet?

it drops

What gets wet as it gets wetter?

When the snow melts it gets wet when it rains it gets wetter

What to do if a PS2 gets wet?

Electronics should not get wet and are normally ruined if they get wet. Turn it off unplug it and be glad if it ever works again. I guess you could try to use a hair dryer or something to dry it but that ship has sailed for something that has already happened awhile ago

Can Monster High dolls clothes get wet?

If You Want Them To Get Ruined Then ''Yes''. If I Were You I Wouldn't Do It.

What happens if a CD gets wet?

it gets wet and it messes up the CD from working

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