Will you marry the guy that you like?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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You will marry the guy that you love <3 :) :) :) :)

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Q: Will you marry the guy that you like?
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How do you know if a person gay?

you a guy is guy when he doesn't like girls and wants to marry a boy

Should you marry a guy your parents don't like?

ONly you can decide who you want to marry. If he's the right man for you go for it!

How do you know that you are bi?

if you are a guy you would marry a guy or a girl. if you are a girl you would marry a girl or a guy.

Who would zayn marry if he was a girl?

Zayn would marry a great guy if he were a girl no name is need if he would marry a guy if he were a girl.

You are looking for a guy to marry?


What is your answer if a guy ask you do you want to marry me?

If a guy every asks you if you would Mary him and you really like him and you know him really well ,then say yes

If a guy told you he wanted to marry you but he didn't want to go out with you right now should you kick him to the curb or wait for him?

He wants to marry you, but he can't be bothered having you in his life right now... Does this sound like a guy who is into commitment? YOU do the math...

How do you ask a guy to marry you?

you don't

Will you marry a hot guy?


How do you get the popular guy to get you pregnant?

You marry him.

Did edward hopper marry a guy?


What do you do take the guy you love or take the guy that understands you?

Marry the guy you want to understand.