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Women's boxing made its debut Olympics-wise at London 2012

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Q: Will women's boxing make its first Olympic appearance in the 2012 Olympics?
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Is women's boxing in the Olympic games?

no!! the womens boxing is not held at the stadium

What sport was introduced to the Olympics this year?

Womens boxing

Will womens boxing makes its olympic debut at the London Olympic Games?


What was the first game for womens in olympics?

The first game that held in oiympics for womens is boxing .

What sports have been added to the 2012 Olympics?

womens boxing

What womens event has been added to the 2012 summer Olympics?

Women's Boxing

The Matildas An Olympic Team?

yes they are the womens australin Olympics team

What sport made its debut at the 2012 summer Olympics held in London?

womens boxing

What times does olympic start on Friday start?

8:00 am. that's the womens Olympics

When did swimming appeared at olympic?

swimming has appeared at every modern Olympics, which started in 1896. Womens swimming was introduced to the Olympics in 1912.

Which sport will kick off the Olympic games this year?

womens football will kick off the olympics this year.

How has the US womens softball team done in the past Olympics?

The US Olympic team got silver in the last Olympics but before they received gold

Is soccer an Olympics sport?

Yes it is. In addition to the mens game, womens soccer was added to the Olympic program in 1996.

Is 2012 the debut for womens boxing?


Who is the womens olympic record holder for shot put?

Ilona Schoknecht-Slupianek GDR in 1980, with 22.41 meters at the Moscow Olympics

Who won womens marathon in the 2000 Olympics?

Naoko Takahashi of Japan in a time of 2:23:14, the current Olympic record.

Who holds the Olympics Gold Medal in womens figure skating in the last Olympics?

Shizuka Arakawa of Japan won the women's figure skating gold in the 2006 Turin Olympic Games.

Who holds the 10000m women's olympic record?

the holder of the womens 10000m olympic record is Tirunesh dibaba the holder of the womens 10000m olympic record is Tirunesh dibaba the holder of the womens 10000m olympic record is Tirunesh dibaba

Is it true that womens's boxing will make its olympic debut at the London olympic games?

Yes this is true. The London 2012 Olympic Games is the first Olympic Games to allow female boxers to participate. They are eligible to participate in three events:Flyweight (51kg)Lightweight (60kg)Middleweight (75kg)

Will womens boxing make it's debut at the London Olympic games 2012?

Yes the have already decided the Bronze Medal events today August 9, 2012.

Who were the members of the 1980 us olympic womens swim team?

The United States did not participate in the 1980 Summer Olympics.

In which Olympic womens first participated?

The 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.

What country won the olympic gold medal in the 2000 summer Olympics for womens beach volleyball?

Natalie Cook and Kerri Ann Pottharst won for Australia.

Is there Womens weight lifting in the Olympics?


Power is needed for what sports?

* wrestling * boxing * football * womens gymnastics