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He came back before WrestleMania

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Q: Will undertaker return at wrestle mania?
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Who did The Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 6?

The Undertaker did not wrestle anyone at Wrestle Mania 6. His first Wrestle Mania was 8 and he versed Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Who is better Shawn michales or undertaker?

Definitely The Undertaker. he has defeated Shawn twice at wrestle mania and he has an amazing wrestle mania streak

Was the Undertaker in all the Wrestle mania's?


When will HHH return in 2012?

I think he will return before wrestle mania 29 like he did his return in 2011 to challange the undertaker in wrestle mania 27. hope he returns and beat brock lesnar bad in a 'I Quit match'.

When the undertaker will return back?

Probably not for a while he got hurt pretty badly at wrestle-mania 27.

How long has the undertaker wrestle in the WWE?

The legendary the undertaker has Been wrestling in the WWE for 18 years and won 18 maches at wrestle mania and is now 18 and 0 at wrestle mania. PS: i am a huge fan of the undertaker!

Who won at wrestle-mania 28 between undertaker and Triple H?


Who won at wrestle-mania between Shawn michaels and the undertaker?

Unfortunately undertaker!

Will undertaker win at wrestle mania 25?


Did undertaker win wrestle mania 27?


Who won in wresle mania 26 undertaker vs hhh?

No one,because undertaker faced HBK at wrestle mania 26

Who will face with undertaker in wrestlemania29?

Not sure if he will wrestle at Mania this year

Does undertaker win at wrestle mania 26?

in my prediction undertaker will win because he is a powerful force

Will Shawn Michaels beat The Undertaker at wrestle mania?

Shawn Micheal's want to end under takers streak because he is mister wrestle-mania and he was in the first wrestle mania that's why he is so obsessed to beat him and he will beat him with his sweetchin music at wrestle-mania 26 and win

Who will face undertaker at wrestle mania 28?

It Will probably be Triple H,

Who won at wrestle-mania between undertaker and Triple H?

undetaker won

Who has the undertaker beaten at wrestle-mania?

I Want To Know Who Did Taker Beat At 29

What was the names of the seventeen opponents that the undertaker defeated at wrestle-mania?

It was Shawn Michaels

What will be the historical match in WrestleMania 25?

The best Wrestle mania matches ever is The Undertaker vs HBK ( Undertaker extended streak to 17-0) HBK has been in two of the best Wrestle mania matches in history him v.s the Undertaker and him v.s BRET " THE HITMAN" HART

Will undertaker face WrestleMania 28?

yes. he will face goldberg at wrestle mania 28

Will Shawn micheals defeat undertaker at WrestleMania 26?

Undertaker will probably defeat Shawn Micheals in wrestle mania. Hope this helped.

Is Shawn Michaels retired?

he is retired at wrestle mania 26 by undertaker ? at Streak cs carear

What happened at wrestle mania 14?

I don't know exactly what happened, but I do know that Undertaker won.

Who holds the WrestleMania which is in WWE record?

Undertaker is 20 and 0 at wrestle mania as of werstlemania 28

Will Triple H win at wrestle mania 28?

only if Shawn Michaels screws undertaker