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Q: Will undertaker come back at survivor series 2010?
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Will undertaker come back after the 2010 survivor series?


Will the undertaker come back in 2009 after the match against the big show?

Yes About Survivor Series

What is the next WWE pay-per view and will the undertaker come back there?

As of when this question was added,the next ppv is survivor series and no the undertaker won't be there.

Will the Undertaker ever fight again in the WWE?

i heard hes coming back in summerslam or survivor series

When will Beth phoenix come back from injury?

In 2010 survivor series

Will John Cena come back to WWE after 2010 Survivor Series?


When is undertaker returning to WWE?

His orbital bone still broken. This take time to come back. He will maybe be back before or just after Summerslam. But must likely... Survivor Series.

Will the undertaker returen at summerslam?

no. he wont be back until survivor serries

When John Cena will be back on WWE programmes after 'firing' at Survivor Series 2010?

royal rumble 2011

When is the undertaker coming back in 2010?

It is possible that The Undertaker will be returning to WWE at SummerSlam (2010).

Will The Rock return to Survivor Series in 2011?

Yes. It is being advertised that Rock will be back at Survivor Series 2011

When is undertaker coming back to smackdown in 2010?

The undertaker will probably come back when he recovers from his vegetative state

Will john cena be back after survivor series?


When will john cena return?

I heard he will be back for survivor series.

What year did undertaker return after being buried alive?

well The undertaker was buried alive by his brother Kane helping vince in 2003 .That time the undertaker had his last days as the American badass he then returned in 2004 when some of the wwe superstars were celebrating Randy ortons victory.The undertaker was buried alive again but i forget who it was who buried him and he came back in 2007 at survivor series to face Kane.

When is undertaker coming back 2010?

he is comin back when i say he is so ya

Is john cena coming back to the wwe after 'firing' at summerslam 2010?

He was never fired at summerslam. if you mean survivor series then yes as it was just a storyline.

Is the undertaker back on WWE?

Yes. Returned summerslam 2010

Will undertaker be back after the buried alive match 2010?


When is the undertaker coming back after burid alive match?

yes his coming back in survival series

When will the undertaker come back and get revenge 2010?

It won't be until 2011.

What is theundertaker last news?

Undertaker is taking a much needed medical sabbatical. He will be back by SummerSlam or Survivor Series. The current plotline with Kane is thought to be a set-up excuse for the WWE to have to ask him to come back and control Kane. Watch Raw for more details.

Will there be another series of demons?

undertaker will be back this year and soon,no other demons

Will undertaker come back after being buried alive by Kane in 2010?


Will the undertaker come back to wrestling?

he comes back at summerslam 2010 and reveals who attacked him it turns out to be Kane