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Certainly not. It is the time of Kane now. The time of Undertaker has left.

Oh, please! The Undertaker will always be better than Kane, and Kane will always be second best to him.

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Q: Will undertaker beat Kane in hell in a cell?
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Will undertaker beat Kane at night of champions?

Kane beat him though at hell in a cell he beat him though!!

Who won in hell in a cell 2010 Kane or undertaker?


Did Kane and the undertaker faced in hell in a cell?


Who won in the hell in the cell match yesterday. when it was Kane vs undertaker?

Kane after Paul Bearer turned on The Undertaker.

Will undertaker offer a match to Kane at wrestlemania xxvii?

I hope so because i wanna see undertaker beat the hell out of Kane and I want hime in wwe again.

What are the wwe hell in the cell results?

undertaker beat edge after a tombstone.then undertaker passed out

Did the undertaker beat Triple H in hell in the cell?


What year did Undertaker fight Mankind in Hell in a Cell?

Undertaker beat Mankind in Hell in a Cell during the King of the Ring matches June 28, 1998.

Which match did Kane beat the undertaker?

1. Kane vs undertaker no. 1 con. match (1998) at King of the ring with Austin. 2. Kane defeated him in a fatal four way match 1998. 3. Kane vs undertaker at Night of Champions World Championship 2010. 4. Kane vs undertaker at hell in a cell 2010 world champion ship. 5. Kane vs Undertaker at Bragging Rights buried alive match for World Heavyweight championship. Totally five times.

What did Kane do to undertaker on WWE 2010?

first heres how the story goes. the undertaker was thought dead by Kane then the fake death was blamed on rey mysterio when the undertaker told Kane. the undertaker got mad at Kane they fought in hell in a cell. then the undertaker fought Kane in a buried alive match Kane buried the undertaker alive. sadly to beloved fans, but you know he might come back one day.

How did hBk won hell in cell match?

After undertaker tomstoned hbk,Kane entered in the cell breaking the door and tomstoned undertaker .hbk then went for the pin and got victory