Did the undertaker really take Kane to hell?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Did the undertaker really take Kane to hell?
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Was Kane's family killed?

In wwe its said that Paul Bearer has killed Kane's family. As Paul was servant in Frank Wesley (undertaker's father)house.And had a affair with undertaker's mother and the result of the affair was Kane.Undertaker know everything and also knew that her mother had a affair with Paul. But later Paul was fed up with Frank and he think to kill him and he put frank and undertaker in the house and put the house on flame and took undertaker's mother and Kane outside the house but the mother told Paul to take undertaker also.Paul didn't want to but he did and he unfortunately he Kane was in flames and undertaker rescude.And later undertaker's mother died.Its how Kane was killed with his family.

When is the Undertaker coming back to the WWE ring?

I think that the dead man will return at wrestlemania 27 ans take his revenge on Kane ............................r.i.p Kane

What happened on Friday night smackdown to the Undertaker on 6-4-10?

Kane, his brother, announced that he was found in a vegitative form over memorial day weekend. So they took the Undertaker out of the fatal four way. Kane went on a rampage accusing everybody of doing it. Since there was a place open, they had a thirtey man royal rumble, it came down to Rey Mysterio and Kane, but Mysterio managed to win and take his place in the royal rumble.SPOILER ALERTThe Undertaker really just got a hurt nose causing a concusion, because of the 619 Rey did in an earlier match. They told him to take a break, so nothing really bad happened to him.

Did Undertaker burn down his parent's house?

Theyre parents died in a house fire when Kane & The Undertaker were kids: Kane found a box of matches and he started playing with it and the undertaker blames himself because he says he shouldve known better than letting Kane playing with the box of matches They also found oil, which helped cause the fire. i dont think they really did Its not real its part of the storyline between undertaker and kane's relationship

Who beat undertaker on Friday night smackdown?

come on you fool!......................don't be so densed about the undertaker..................he is not dead and no one knows who did it!........its a story line and also he will return and take revenge on the culprit and dat culprit is Kane

What is the new story line of undertaker?

He has recently decided to take a break to recover from other injuries and as for the storyline it will be Kane that attacked him or some new kid

What was the teddy bear for in the inferno match between the undertaker and Kane?

the bear belonged to Stephanie macmahon. undertaker was feuding with vince at the time trying to take control of the wwf. He burned the bear as a sort of psychological attack on vince.

Is the masked Kane bigger the than the regular Kane?

No, They are both the same people. Glenn Jacobs wore the mask but he was forced to take it on in 2003 after losing a match. Glenn Jacobs is still Kane. hell yes his dick is bigger

Is undertakers paul bearers son?

Undertaker doesn't have a son,nor a daughter he's just hot a wife that's all Do your research. The Undertaker DOES have a son, named Gunner, and he has two daughters, Chasey and Gracie.

When undertaker returning to WWE?

His orbital bone still broken. This take time to come back. He will maybe be back before or just after Summerslam. But must likely... Survivor Series.

When will undertaker return to WWE?

i really don't know but Kane iz finding out who killed his brother the undertaker and if he finds out who did it he will put him or her in a coffin 4 killing hiz bro so i don't know if the undertaker will cum back

Is undertaker coming back because he was just buried alive by Kane again cause of nexus?

Well kid the Undertaker has died plenty of times and in the end always comes back so yes but it might take a few months even a year Perhaps