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no 1 fifa10 1 world cup

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Q: Will there be two FIFA tens FIFA world cup ten FIFA ten?
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Is the FIFA World Cup 2010 being broadcast on Ten Sports?

No it is on the E.S.p.n.

Who has won the FIFA World Cup in the last ten years?

1998 France, 2002 Brazil, and 2006 Italy.

What are the ten greatest upsets at the FIFA World Cup?

The big upset was France failing to score a goal in 2002 ,they were the world champions. Argentina the champions lost to Cameroon in 1990.

How many goals did Fernando Torres score in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifications?

Spain qualified in first place in Group 5 of the UEFA section of the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifications, winning all ten of their matches. Spain scored 28 goals and conceded 5. Fernando Torres did not score any of these 28 goals.

What is the value of the digit 1 in the number 18?


Is ten and tenths the same?

no, tens are just tens but tenths are ten tens witch is 100

What are the top ten teams who won a FIFA football world cup?

The top ten teams to win the F.I.F.A world cup are as follows. 1) England ) Italy. 3) France. 4 Brazil. 5) Germany. 6 ) Argentina. 7) Uruguay.

how many ten thousands equal 3,000 tens?

3,000 tens is 30,000 Which is 3 ten thousands.

How many world cup played till 2011?

Ten world cup have been played till 2011.World cup was started in 1975.

How many tens are in ten thosands?

There are one thousand tens in ten thousands = 10,000

How meny tens are in 740?

ten tens

Out of ten how many coins are fake?

1 in 10 tens coins in the world are fake

How many tens are there in 270?

There are 27 tens in 270

How many tens are in ten thousand?

There are a thousand (1000) tens in ten thousand (10000).

What is seven tens minus one ten?

Seven tens minus one ten(70-10) equals six tens(60).

What are seventeens tens written as a base ten numeral?

Seventeen tens, in base ten, is 170

What is 1 ten from 7 tens?

6 tens

how many tens are in 200?

One Ten = Ten Ones. 200 = 2 Hundreds, 20 Tens or 200 Ones.

How many times has the football world cup been held in Europe?

The world cup was held in Europe in ten countries.

What is Ten tens more than 8 tens?


How many tens in ten million?

There are 1,000,000 tens in 10,000,000.

How many tens are there in107?

There are ten tens and seven units

What is the same as ten tens?

Ten tens is the same as 10*10, which is 100

What place is the 5 in 587119862467?

ten trillion

How many tens in 345?

There are 34.5 tens in 345. There are 10 tens in 100, and so 30 tens in 300. There are 4 tens in 40, and 5 is half of a ten. Or, whenever you are working with tens, you can just move the decimal point one spot to the left.