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There is a Rugby world cup in 2010 it is the womans world cup.

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Q: Will there be a rugby World Cup in 2010?
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What country is hosting the 2010 rugby world cup?

THere is no rugby world Cup in 2010 - the 2011 version is held in New Zealand.

Who won the rugby World Cup this year?

There was not Rugby League world cup in 2010, next one is 2013.

Who won the 2010 womens rugby world cup?


When did Libya first play in the rugby world cup?

in 2010

What will the world cup stadiums be used for the world cup 2010?

The stadium will be used for Rugby and other games.

Where is the World Cup?

2010 World Cup Football is in South Africa, the tournament starts in June 2010. The 2011 Rugby World Cup will be held in New Zealand.

Where and when is the rugby World Cup in 2010?

Its in 2011 and the Hosts will be New Zealand

Ea sports rugby 2010?

Rugby 2012, due out before rugby world cup in 2011. BY HB STUDIOS.

Who won the 2010 rugby world cup?

As you have categorised soccer and rugby it is simple - no one has won a world cup in this year as the soccer does not start until 11-6 2010 and the rugby not until June 2011 in New Zealand

Were the 2010 World Cup stadiums built especially for the World Cup?

yes although they will be used for rugby games after the world cup has finished

Where was the rugby world cup 2004?

There was no rugby world cup in 2004.

Who won the rugby world cup in 1983?

There was no rugby world cup in 1983.

Who won the rugby world cup on 2001?

There was no rugby world cup in 2001.

Who was the rugby World Cup named after?

the rugby world cup is not named after anyone!!

When was Rugby World Cup created?

Rugby World Cup was created in 1987.

Who are the organizers of the Rugby World Cup 2011?

Its organised by Rugby World Cup Limited

Where can one learn about the rugby world?

"One can learn about the Rugby World by attending the Rugby World Cup. The Rugby World Cup is the international rugby union competition, where the teams are competing to win the William Webb Ellis Cup."

Which country won the last mens rugby world cup 2010?

There was not a RWC in this year

When was Colonial Cup - rugby league - created?

Colonial Cup - rugby league - was created in 2010.

Who played the rugby world cup final 2004?

There wasn't a rugby world cup in 2004.

Who won 2003 rugby World Cup?

England was vetoris the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

Who are the heaviest players in 2009 rugby world cup?

There wasn't a 2009 Rugby World Cup

Did Ireland win the Rugby World Cup?

Ireland have not won the Rugby World Cup yet.

When was Women's Rugby World Cup created?

Women's Rugby World Cup was created in 1991.

When was Rugby League World Cup created?

Rugby League World Cup was created in 1954.