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Q: Will the knicks get LeBron James?
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Is LeBron James going to the knicks?

absolutely NOT

Who is LeBron James dreamteam?

New York Knicks

Is LeBron James going to be on the knicks next year?

no he is not

Who was the first team lebron James play for?


Is LeBron James at the New York Knicks?

No as he plays for the Caviliers.

Will LeBron James go to the Knicks?

yes lebron James will sooner or later probably go to the knicks apperantly his 10 years of being on the cavs is over so he has to go to a different NBA team LeBron James is going to he heat.

Is LeBron James move good for the knicks?

well i think yes very much because the knicks arent so good and lebron James is really good so he can improve the team and hopefully the knicks will head off for the championship or playoffs!

Where will LeBron James play?

Possibly the Bulls,Heat,or the Knicks. :) We will find out Thursday. :)

Will LeBron James come to the knicks?

He signed with the Miami Heat ... but one day maybe ...

Will lebron move to knicks?


Which team is lebron going to?


Does LeBron James want a billion dollar contract?

Definitely! Lebron James goes where all the money is. In a heartbreak, he would go the New York Knicks. His attitude in the 2009 playoffs is enough evidence.

Will LeBron James stay with the Cavaliers?

Yes those TEAM'S might be the Knicks or the Heat by Saturday the King shall be in a new place:)

Is LeBron going to be on the Knicks soon?

If the Cavaliers decide not to resign him.

Who are the leading scorers in NBA currently?

LeBron James, LeBron james, Lebron James, and leBron James

Will LeBron James be traded to the knicks?

Some people say yes, but some people think he will go to the nets because they will move to Brooklyn.

Will lebron score 61 or more vs the knicks?

no he sucks ass

How much does the Cleveland cavaliers cost?

Actually It Cost like $75,000,000,000,000 Because its a Franchise and LeBron James but if he leaves and go's to the knicks then its like half of it.

What is the birth name of LeBron James?

LeBron James's birth name is LeBron Raymone James.

What was LeBron James's birhname?

LeBron Raymone James.

Who is richer lebron James or usher?

lebron james

How much kids do LeBron James have?

lebron have to kids there names are lebron james jr and bryce james

Who is Lebron James the basketball player?

LeBron James the basketball player is LeBron James the basketball player.

Who is more famous James Bond or LeBron James?

lebron james

What are lebron James kids names?

LeBron James kids names are LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James.