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no he is not

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โˆ™ 2010-05-17 00:50:00
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Q: Is LeBron James going to be on the knicks next year?
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Is LeBron James the next Michael Jordan?

No, he is not. He is the next Lebron james, whether he is boom or bust.

Who is the next LeBron James?

Tammy Thysell

What are the chances that lebron James and Dwyane Wade could play together on the same team next season?

its a very hard answer but theres a small chance that they'll play together. The teams that has the biggest chance of getting d. wade and lebron are the knicks and the bulls.

Where lebron James going to play next year?

Um in my opinion the Heat will acquire him. We will find out tonight 9pm eastern time. :)

How tall is Coach K?

he looks about 6'4", standing next to LeBron James (assuming Lebron is 6'8")

Who is the next Jordan Kobe or LeBron?

No doubt LeBron James. I say Kobe Bryant the guy is a beast!!!!

Where is Lebron James going to go next year?

Well it is not a proven fact that where Lebron will go yet. Free agency doesn't start until July 1st. We will all have to wait and see

Why is the song forever about LeBron James?

because he is the best next to Kobe

Will lebron James play for Cleveland next season?

well, obviously not

How come no one in the NBA wears No. 6?

LeBron James is going to wear number 6 next year in honor of Michael Jordan.

Who is better Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James?

LeBron James, no exceptions. LeBron has been called the next Michael Jordan since he was 17 years old, only a junior in high school. Dude Carmelo Anthony is the best man LeBron James stinks

How is LeBron James favored?

Is favored to Jordan but LeBron said he is not trying to be the next Jordan he is trying to be the Best in what he does and that's playing B-Ball.

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