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Maybe, maybe not! Listen the Cavs and the Celtics are both good but you never know the Celtics might beat the Cavs, and the Cavs might beat the Celtics!

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2010-05-10 20:19:21
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Q: Will the cavaliers beat the Celtics?
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Who is better Celtics or cavaliers?

Yes the Celtics are better than the Cavaliers

Who won the cavaliers celtics game?

The Cavaliers won the game

Who do you think would win Cavaliers or Celtics?

Cavaliers would win.

Who was in the 1992 playoffs against the Celtics?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

Who has the most NBA championships Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers?

The celtics have the most titles in NBA history

Who was number 0 in the Celtics?

Leon Powe used to be #0 for the Celtics, he currently plays for the Clevleand Cavaliers.

Is celtics better than cavaliers?

Look on to see its YOUR OPINION :)

Who is better Cavaliers suns celtics thunder heat spurs wizards or pacers?

Cavaliers because they have the best NBA record.

What are 5 NBA teams names?

celtics, bulls, magic, cavaliers, pistons

Is Delonte West going to play Cleveland Cavaliers again?

No. He's back with the Celtics.

What are the chances the lakers beat the Celtics?

If the Lakers continue their type of play I don't see them beating the Celtics. The Celtics defense is playing way to good right now and their offense is playing up to playoff status quo. Therefore If the Celtics score at least 100 points the Lakers would most likely lose. You also cant forget that the Celtics beat the Cavaliers with ease. The Cavaliers and the Lakers are very similar in terms of team overall. The difference is the triangle offense, and the coaching staff. But their players are almost identical in which the PG cannot handle rondo, the SG cant come off screens easy enough to stop Allen the PF are to slow to beat Kevin Garnett and the centers are better then Perkins. And both the cavaliers and the Lakers only have one real clutch man in Kobe and Lebron. I am personally calling Celtics in 6. Kobe waiting another year for number 5 and the "big 4" getting number 2. I think it is a 40% chance the Lakers win the finals.

What team is rivals with the Detroit Pistons?

The Cleveland Cavaliers. The Las Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics

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