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It will never ever ever be as good. The wemon can no longer wrestler the way they really should, wemon cant wrestle men, its all censored these days. You cant do f all....not like the DX days HELL NO!

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Q: Will the WWE ever be as good as the WWF was in the federation years?
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Has the WWE ever gotten sued?

no but the wwf did by the world wildlife federation

Which wrestling federation is better?

Well when we look at the ratings it's WWE. When we ask the fans it's WWE. When you ask the WWE it is the WWE but when you ask TNA it's always TNA because they always have to look out for their federation. But it is a fact that WWE is the most dominating federation right now. The reason is because WWE has more popular and stronger wrestlers then any other federation.

What year did Mark Henry join the WWE?

Mark Henry is a professional wrestler who joined the WWE in 1996. He was 24 years old when he signed a 10 year contract with the World Wrestling Federation.

Is WWE ever get a different name?

In future - maybe but I don't think so. In the past - it was called WWF - World Wrestling Federation. There were some legal proceedings raised against world wrestling federation as a result of which they had to drop the "F" from their acronym name. so, they renamed themselves as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

What was WWE originally known as?

WWF (World Wrestling Federation)

How has WWE changed in the past 30 years?

WWE was initially begun as WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation) and later renamed as WWF (World Wrestling Federation) Then in the year 2002 because of some law suits by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) They changed their name to WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment WWE then acquired WCW - World Championship Wrestling and ECW - Extreme Championship Wrestling. WWE is the largest professional wrestling promoter in the world.

Is WWE all-stars good?

No. Yes it is it is the best game ever who ever wrote the answer no is lame

Will tna ever show its face in WWE?

Your Guess is as good as mine.

Has velvet sky ever been in WWE?

Yes she has couple years ago.

Is thumb wrestling federation still on tv?

no but there is still wwe tna

Why was wwf changed to WWE?

They were faced with a lawsuit from the World Wildlife Federation because they also used the WWF initials on their campaigns. World Wrestling Federation decided to replace "Federation" with "Entertainment" to avoid a court battle. which is stupid as crap they shouldn't sue for the same initals

Is mickie James ever going to come back to WWE?

Mickie is currently signed with TNA, but there's a good possibility of her returning to WWE in the future.