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Q: Will the Ottawa Senators win a Stanley cup?
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When did the Ottawa Senators last win the cup?

The Ottawa Senators last Stanley Cup win was in 1927.

When did the Ottawa Senators win their first Stanley Cup?

The Ottawa Hockey Club (nicknamed the Senators) first won the Stanley Cup in 1903 when it was a challenge cup.The current version of the Ottawa Senators has not won the Stanley Cup.

How many games did the Ottawa senators win?

the Ottawa senators won the Stanley cup 7 times and were given the name Ottawa senators in 1992

Who won the Stanley Cup in 1921?

The Ottawa Senators defeated the Vancouver Millionaires, 3 games to 2, to win the 1921 Stanley Cup.

Did Ottawa win the stanley cup last year?

No, no they did not.

Who was the first team to capture the Stanley Cup in 1926-27 after the WHL folded?

The Ottawa Senators beat the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup in the 1926-27 season

Who was the first nhl team to win a Stanley?

1926-27 Ottawa Senators

What month did the 2007 Stanley cup end?

The final game of the 2007 NHL playoffs was June 6 when the Anaheim Ducks defeated the Ottawa Senators, 6-2, to win the Stanley Cup.

Will ottowa win the 2008 Stanley cup?

No. The Senators are already out of the playoffs.

What was the first team to win the Stanley cup?

The very first Stanley Cup winner was the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association. Montreal AAA for short. They were also known as the Montreal Hockey Club. They won in 1893. They were awarded the Cup as they were the AHAC champions. In 1894, they beat the Ottawa HC. The first team to win the Stanley Cup when NHL teams were able to win the Cup was the Toronto Arenas in 1917 against the Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA). The first team to win the Stanley Cup when the NHL teams only competed for the Cup was the Ottawa Senators against the Boston Bruins in 1927

How many Stanley cus did Daniel alfredsson win?

Daniel Alfredsson has never won a Stanley Cup. He has spent his whole career with the Ottawa Senators, who have only made it to the Stanley cup finals in 2006/2007 since they became an expansion team in the NHL in 1992.

Which team won the first Stanley Cup Ice Hockey final?

The first team to actually win the Stanley Cup was the Montreal HC in 1893. However, it didn't become the NHL trophy until 1926, when the Ottawa Senators won it. It's perhaps noteworthy that this is a different franchise than the Ottawa Senators today. The original club folded in 1934; in 1992, Ottawa received a new team, named the Senators in honor of the original franchise.

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