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idk ive never had a crankshaft but i dont think it would fit so good cuz i mean look at the k18 they have crankshaft heads for a reason.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-07 14:55:30
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Q: Will the Brine Answer fit on the Crankshaft 2 Degree?
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Will the STX arrow fit on the Crankshaft 2 degree?

Yes the STX Arrow will fit on the 2 degree Crankshaft

Does the gait icon 2.0 fit on an stx 10 degree crankshaft?

No it will not. the T.O.S. technology of the gait heads and shafts is 2 degrees which doesnt match with the stx 10 degree

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The camshaft makes how many revolutions for a full revolution of the crankshaft?

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