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softball will be back in the Olympics in 2016?

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Q: Will softball ever be put back in the olympics?
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What two sports were taken out of the summer Olympics but put back in?

softball and baseball. i think.

What is to come in the future for softball?

Sadly, softball has been eliminated from the 2012 Olympics so the future doesn't look bright, even though there are thousands of young girls in many different countries participating in the sport. Softball can try to put in a bid for the 2016 Olympics where hopefully the olympic comittee will place them in.

What is the longest softball home run ever?

Ask the best girl softball hitter in the world crystl bustos. she will put any man to shame.

Which travels farther an eleven inch softball or a twelve inch softball?

i would say a eleven inch due to the fact that it is lighter. but i am no mathmatician, just a lover of softball. HELP PUT SOFTBALL BACK IN THE OLYPMICS!!!!

Did boxing get put in the Olympics?

no it did not get put in the olympics because there were to many sports in the olympics

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How do you bake a softball?

you put it in an oven!

How do you freeze a softball?

Put it in the freezer!

How do you cook a softball?

put it on the grill

Why should softball be in the Olympics?

Softball needs to be brought back to the Olympics. WHY? It is part of American past time and women all over have stepped up to the plate to prove "we" got it too. Equality is a big issue and being ignored. There is more exposure to thanks to ESPN and college games on TV plus now high school's on limited circuit. But why limited? The community wants, or those who want to watch, can tune in. Why are people still afraid of women in sports? Women can be athletes as well. Wake up America. It's been a long slow road for women in sports, because of attitude, but times are and have been changing. I heard the Olympic board wants to bring in "pole dancing" to the Olympics, REALLY? Pressure needs to be put on the right people, for the right reason: softball needs to be brought to the Olympic because women are athletes too!!

Why did they put volleyball in the Olympics?

they put volleyball in the Olympics because it was an athletic sport

What does PO mean in softball stats?

put out

How do you load your softball bat?

Put in Bag, then in trunk,

Which knee do you put a softball knee slider on?

the knee that you put under your other leg

How do you get better at softball?

OK so I love softball. Here are some tips to get you better. If you want to hit a home run while your in your stance put all your weight on your front foot. Instead of rotating your head when you swing rotate your body. During your swing pivet your back foot and i guarentee you will get a home run or somewhat close! I learned to put my weight on my back foot. bring my front foot to touch my leg and put it back down( for power) swing my bat put rotate hips first! that's how you hit a good ball! ( it make you look good)

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When was tennis added to the summer Olympics?

it was put in the summer Olympics in 1934.

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Was the Olympics a waste of time?

Simply put, no.

What is the benefit of the 2010 winter Olympics being held in Vancouver?

There will be many cultures to learn from and see. also it will put Vancouver on the map as well as there will be many tourists here spending a lot of money to see the Olympics and we may get some of that money back. For the Olympics, Vancouver is the most populous city to host the Olympics so there are obvious benefits in terms of revenues. The 2010 Olympics will be the third Olympics held in Vancouver.

What is choking up in softball?

Put your hands a little higher on your bat but don't put them where you could hurt your hands.

During the Olympics these were put aside?

Normally wars are put to rest. The Olympics is how the country's team up and join together as one for peace.

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