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Q: Will postponed games for fantasy basketball go torwards the person you were versing?
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How do you spell versing?

That is the correct spelling of "versing" meaning versifying or putting into verse.

What has the author Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson written?

Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson has written: 'Re-Versing the Numbers' 'Re-Versing Your Pain' 'Fe-Vers' 'Con-Versing With God'

How do you get more when you are versing a penguin?

More what??!

Who is versing Spain in the fifa world cup 2010?

Spain has reached the Semi-Finals versing Germany on Wednesday 7th of July...

Is versing a word?

English teacher says NO!

Who are Liverpool versing next game?

Birmingham city

How do you catch shiny Rayquaza?

save and repat versing until you get him

How do you use patriarch in a sentence?

The patriach's were versing the matriahc's in babysitting.

What team was Liverpool versing at the hillsbrough disaster?

Nottingham Forest

Who were the Uruguay rugby team versing when there plane crashed?


When does a tennis game restart?

When it finishes or when you are versing a new person.

What is the present tense of 'versus' your daughter likes to ask Who are you 'versing' today This cannot be correct?

The word versus is a preposition so it doesn't have a present tense form and 'who are you versing' is not correct. Who are you playing today? is the question.

Who is versing Spain in fifa world cup 2010?

Germany in the Semi-Finals...

Who is vickie Guerrero versing to get her job back on raw?

She has to face Trish Stratus.

Is ranaldo better than messi?

no because messi did a hat-rick versing arsenal but c.ronaldo did not. also messi beated c.ronaldo. messi made it to the finals versing manchester united and c.ronaldo did not. so there you have it. messi is the best.

Where do you find N after beating him at the elite four on Pokemon white?

When youre versing the champion

When versing the elite four if you die do you have to restart?

Yes, Unfortunately i found out the hard way'~'

When will undertaker reappear?

undertaker will first come back and versing triple h on wrestlemania

Who is stronger kyogre or Groudon?

Kyogre is better if groudon and it is versing but when its not together fighting their both equal

How do you use dual wielding Roxas versing the Twilight Thorn?

you'd have to use a hack device.

What is the definition of person vs supernatural?

when a human being is versing a non human such as a animal or god

How are AFL matches drawn?

when the two teams versing each other end up on the same score.

Is mewtwo Giratina darkrai lugia typhlosion and arceus a good party for going versing online?


How long is a high school hockey game?

In my high school and versing high schools they are 45 minutes

How long is a high school field hockey game?

In my high school and versing high schools they are 45 minutes