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No he wont!

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Q: Will loinel messi ever play for everton?
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Did Messi ever play Football?

He is the best player of Argentina.

What other sports does messi play?

Not that I have ever heard or researched

Is Messi the best soccer player in the world?

If you have ever seen Messi play you wouldn't even ask. Of course he is!!

Did messi ever play for Liverpool?

Lionel Messi has never played for Liverpool football club in his football career.

Is messi the best player ever?

Yes he is the best player to play the game

Did Lionel Messi ever play a match for Chelsea either as a visitor or on loan?


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Yes as he started his career with ever ton so he played with Liverpool.

Which English team does Messi play for?

Messi plays for Barcelona.

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Does Rooney play for everton?

no, man united