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If you are younger , lifting weight could stunt your growth and cause skeletal problems if you don't have the right vitamins.

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Q: Will lifting weights affect your body when older?
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Do you get fat if you quit lifting weights?

This answer depends on your diet. If you continue to consume the same amount of calories after you quit lifting, then yes you may get fat. Lifting weights burns calories and muscles need these calories to build more muscle. If you quit lifting weights, your body no longer needs as many calories. Also, your metabolism will slow after you quit lifting weights. Now, if you quit lifting weights and also cut calories, you will not get fat.

Is it ok to lift weights in the morning?

Yes, in fact, lifting weights in the morning is the best time to lift weights since your body will have more energy.

Will lifting weights help you gain muscle?

Lifting weights will make your muscles contrast and burn fat from your body while strengthening the muscles at the same time. It will help you gain muscle.

Is lifting weights bad?

No. This is one of the things that is commonly misunderstood about lifting heavy weights. Lifting weights is not bad. There are people that squat four times their body weight and they have never been injured badly. If you do exercises with proper form, you will be able to gain muscle without injuring yourself.

Will lifting weights help you get stronger?

if you wanna get strong you should lift heavy weights, heavy weights gives strength and big muscle's, low weights gives fit/slim body

You started lifting weights and you messed your shot up how do you get it back?

If you started lifting weights and you messed your shot up, it would be ideal to slowly work yourself back to where you were. Exercise and lift weights to help bring your body back to where it needs to be, slowly.

What is used for lifting heavy weights?

muscles and other assistant tendons in the human body .in the factory there what they call it Roller , which pull the the heavy weights and elevate it .

Is it neccessary to wear a belt when lifting weights?

You do not have to use a belt when lifitng weights but it very wise. It helps prevents your body from muscle and back injuries.

How do you build calf muscle?

You can do exercises that work that area of your body, such as lifting weights or riding a bike.Running and Biking.

Why do body builders wear belts when they work out?

Wearing a belt while lifting weights is essential to prevent any problems with your back. It also supports your back while lifting heavy weights. It would be foolish to try to attempt to lift heavy weights without one.

Is lifting weights good for you?

YES! Lifting weights makes you stronger, and builds muscle. The additional muscle will cause your body to burn more calories all day long. You will also feel better and be more confident in life.

Does lifting heavy weights help to gain body mass or gain weight?

Cause you get stronger and thatputs on weight

Is it good to take a break from lifting weights?

Yes. Your body needs to have recovery time if you are working out very often.

What is the best chest exercise for building upper body strength?

To build upper body strength the best chest exercise is lifting weights.Dumbells are the easiest way.Start on smaller weights and build up to heavy weights.

Will lifting weights stop growth?

No it promotes growth, unless your young an your body is not fully developed then you could cause damage.

Who can lift 650 kg in weights?

By W.W.L.A (World Weight Lifting association) No body Builder can Lift 650Kg On any Weight Lifting Machines The only Way 650Kg can Be Lifted is by hydraulic Or Heavy Lifting machinery

How is weight lifting healthy?

lifting weights can and will build your over all strength. It will also help ur joints and mobility, energy and shave some unwanted pounds of body fat.

Does drinking coffee and lifting weights affect your growth?

Drinking Coffee: No. Urban legend, my friend. Caffeine may not be the best thing to be pumping into your body, but it does NOT effect your growth. Caffeine mimics hormones that are released from the adrenal gland. If caffeine mimicked somatotropin, a hormone which is responsible for growth, that would be different. But it doesn't. So no worries. Lifting weights: Err, indirectly, weight lifting can affect your growth, but ONLY in a good way! Lifting weights not only strengthens your muscles, it also strengthens your bones by increasing bone density. I wish more young teenagers would weight train. It helps prevent osteoporosis later in life; especially in women.

Why does your stomach hurt when you lift weights?

Your stomach will begin to hurt when lifting weights due to the expanding and contracting of your abdominal muscles. Make sure to give your body a break so it can heal.

Do lifting weights above your head affect your height?

Lifting weights above your head will not affect your height. However it is not recommended that prepubescent or adolescent men/women do strength training. Building strong upper body muscles such as deltoids pecs trapezius biceps and triceps without building the proper muscles to support them can stunt spinal development, thus keeping you from being as tall as you could be. Note: If you lift weights over your head and happen to drop one, the knot on the top of your head would indeed make you taller.

In what way muscle training is different than body exercise of weight training?

Muscle training is lifting weights and weight exercises

Is lifting weights everyday healthy?

It's not recommended to lift weights daily especially if you lift heavy to increase your size as your body needs time to rest so your muscles can re-coup.

What is the best way to body build?

The best way to body build is through strength training. This involves lifting weights at the gym and by utilizing the available workout equipment.

What if your 8 year old son watches you lift weights and wants to lift too you want to teach him the bench press would this by safe?

Bad idea. The muscles in his body havn't fully developed yet and by lifting weights it would stunt muscle growth and may affect how tall he/ grows.

How does lifting weigh increase the size of muscles?

It promotes your growth hormones to spread out over the worked muscle. Your muscles swell so, therefore work your small muscle groups first. Lifting weights tears muscles fibers during exercise. When the body is a rest particularly when asleep, your body goes about repairing these tears bigger and stronger than before to be able to cope with the amounts of weights you are lifting, there for the need to lift heavier weights to tear the fibers all over again.