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no he sucks ass

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βˆ™ 2009-02-04 15:46:17
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Q: Will lebron score 61 or more vs the knicks?
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Who score 89 points by a single nba player?

I don't think anyone has yet, but Kobe Bryant scores 61 against the New York Knicks and Lebron James scored 51 against the same team. This happened during the 08-09 season.

How many points did Michael Jordan score in the 4th Quarter of the 2nd game of the Eastern conference semifinals against the Knicks in 1989?


What is a Passing score on the PMP?

PMP Passing score is 61%.

Is 61 on the ASVAB an advanced score?

I wouldnt say its advanced but it is pretty good considering the average score is between 45 and 50. A 61 means a lot more jobs will be available for you. I would say an advanced score is in the 80's and 90's.

What is the lowest score you cant score with a single dart?

61 is incorrect. The question asks for the lowest score you cannot get with one dart. It is true that you cannot get 61, but neither can you get 59. Therefore 61 is not the lowest impossible score with one dart. The correct answer is 23. You can obviously score any number from 1 to 20, so we can exclude that range. You can get 21 (3Γ—7) and 22 (2Γ—11), but you cannot score 23 with a single dart.

2009 nba highest point scorer?

Kobe Bryant 61 pts against New York Knicks

Who broke the Madison square garden scoring record with 61 points against the New York Knicks?

Kobe Bryant

Who was the first NHL player to score more than 1000 points in a career?

Gordie Howe was the first player to score more than 1000 points in a career. He achieved this feet, during the 1960-61 NHL season.

What is Tiger Woods lowest 18 hole score on Tour?


What was glenn McGraths highest batting score in a test match?


Who scored the most points in 2008-2009 NBA season?

Kobe Bryant scored 61 points against the New York Knicks.

Who has scored the most points in an NBA game this season?

Kobe Bryant - 61 points vs NY Knicks February 3, 2009.

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