Will kobe Bryant play for the lakers?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Will kobe Bryant play for the lakers?
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Did Kobe Bryant play on the lakers in 1991?


Did Kobe Bryant's sisters play basketball?

yes they did they play in WNBA on the lakers

What sport does Kobe Bryan play?

It is most likely Kobe Bryant played all his N.B.A games for the Lakers.

What is Kobe Bryant's real Facebook?

Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers

Who is the best of the lakers?

Kobe Bryant

Who is 24 on the lakers?

Kobe Bryant

Who is the capitan of lakers?

Kobe Bryant

How old was Kobe Bryant when he joined the Lakers?

Kobe Bryant was 18 when he played for the lakers

Who did Kobe Bryant play for before going to the la lakers?

golden state warriors

What team is Kobe Bryant on?

Kobe Bryant plays on the Los Angeles Lakers

Is cobe Bryant on the lakers?

it's Kobe bryant. yes, he is on the lakers, the best team ever

Is Kobe Bryant retierd?

No, Kobe Bryant still currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.