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Yes. You can damage muscles and tendons which may cause pain and take a while to heal.

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Q: Will it hurt if you force yourself into the splits?
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Why does it hurt boys to do the splits?

Boys may experience discomfort or pain when doing the splits due to differences in flexibility, muscle strength, and body structure compared to girls. Boys typically have less flexibility in the hips and groin area, which can make it harder and more painful for them to perform the splits. Regular stretching and conditioning can help improve their flexibility over time.

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i am a dancer and it took me 4 months to get ALL my splits down really you are born with or without flexibility so if you are flexible it won't take you that long but on the other hand if you aren't you might want to work hard on it. One way you can work on them is to practice them 2 times a day every day or get someone to stretch you but make sure you don't hurt your self so be extremely careful. Also you can try over splits those helped me A LOT trust me that is how i got my splits down so easy and i got them when i was only 4 years old not to brag but i was born with flexibility so try to work hard on them and you will do GREAT. Good Luck and don't hurt yourself

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practice!!! you have to push yourself in order to get them down. Of course its going to hurt, but you push through the pain. when you are as far down as you can go, lift your arms up, like i said before practice alot. the more you practice the sooner you will get them! (:

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You might get hurt, it depends if you're like 1 or 2 inches away from the splits, then not so much. If you're like farther from doing the splits, then yes you might get injured because it happened to my friend and she couldn't really walk for about a week. But the good news is, she could do the splits now :) So unless you're desperate enough to get pushed down to do the splits, you have to deal with the pain Lol

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