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Ofcourse hes gonna return.

Wwe is just doing it for show. If you watched, last time he was fired then returned to raw in 2008

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โˆ™ 2009-01-19 10:17:23
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Q: Will chris Jericho return in 2009?
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Will chris Jericho return?


Who won at extreme rules 2009 chris Jericho or rey?

At extreme rules Chris Jericho, and unmasked Rey

Who is going to return in WWE in 2012?

Chris Jericho

Save us 222?

the return of chris jericho!

Who is return in WWE in 2012?

Kane And Chris Jericho

When will chris Jericho return?

He will be back when his band's tour is over

When will chris Jericho return to WWE?

summer 2011 at earliest...

Who will return to WWE 2012 January 2nd?

Chris Jericho

Will Chris Jericho return in 2011?

He might be back by the end of 2010. If not then he will be back in 2011.

When will chris Jericho return to raw?

Right now he is on Dancing with the stars so if he does return it will be most likely after he is done with that show.

Will rey mysterio quit after being unmasked by chris Jericho?

Rey Mysterio Was Unmasked by Chris Jericho. If Rey Mysterio Stays true to his word, he will return like he did when he was unmasked in the WCW, and Fight UNMASKED!

How do you unlock lock pic on smackdown verses raw 2009?

In the career mode, face Chris Jericho and escape the walls of Jericho.

Does Chris Jericho have a MySpace?

No Chris Jericho does not have a myspace.

When will edge turn face?

He did on July 17, 2009 when he interrupted Chris Jericho

Will chris Jericho be in svr 2009?

yes he will be and so will alot of other people

Can you get Chris Jericho's heel attire on svr 2009?

Beat his Road To Wrestlemania

What is the name of Chris Jericho's brother?

Chris Jericho Or Chris Irvine does not Have a Brother he is the only Child

What are the release dates for That Metal Show - 2008 Chris Jericho 3-3?

That Metal Show - 2008 Chris Jericho 3-3 was released on: USA: 17 October 2009

Can you unlock tony in smackdown vs raw 2009?

Yes, if you Bloody Chris Jericho.

Is Chris Jericho going to be in Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

Yes, he's in the game.

Who is better Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho?

Benoit has amazing ring skills and so does Jericho but Jericho has great mic skills to but with Benoit;s tragedy I have to say Chris Jericho.

When will chris jericho comeback?

what happen to chris jericho and will he be back soon

Who is smarter chris Jericho or jack swagger?

Chris Jericho I guess.

Is Zack ryder better than chris Jericho?

no chris jericho

Is Y2J in WWE'12?

No, and due to this, Chris Jericho(Y2J)is upset with the WWE, and says that he might not return.