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Yes. As a matter of fact, many golfers used it to make a strong grip on clubs.

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2012-05-23 04:53:52
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Q: Will carpet tape work to put golf grips on golf clubs?
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Do you have to use grip tape when replacing golf grips?

It is best to, but they can be blown on with an air compressor.

What is the best adhesive to use on golf clubs?

For attaching heads to shafts a specialist epoxy is best, it can be purchased at any good golf shop or online. The grips are simply put on with a strip of grip tape and a solvent such as a specific golf solvent, petrol or white spirit.

How do you fit used golf clubs to yourself?

You will need a buy a lie board and lie tape, a loft and lie machine, shaft cutter or shaft extensions, new grips and grip tape. Then follow online guides. It is easier to get a professional to alter them.

In what year was double sided tape invented?

1972 used for regriping golf clubs. j.kevin farrell

Would any double sided tape do for golf grips?

Yes, just make sure once you put it on you wet it with plenty of solvent, inside the grip and on the grip tape.

What is golf grip tape?

Golf grip tape is currently a generic product. There are many manufacturers of double sided sided tape. It is simply a way of attaching a golf grip to a golf club.

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What do you do when your grips brake and you don't have money to replace them?

if you cant replace them then you can use white tape its not the same but is a lot better then no grips at all

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