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i think that Basketball does help your mucles because bouncing the ball and running back and forth on the court helps your mucles grow

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Q: Will basketball help big muscles for kids?
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big muscles

How do muscles help with movement?

Muscles help alot with your movement.Your muscles have to be able to hold your weight.Like in your forearm.Your muscles are a big help to your movements.

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Proper ways of regular exercise and proper diet can help to get big muscles.

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Well if you are looking to train muscles to make your passes stronger, then i would highly suggest you work on your arms, chest, core and legs. These are the most important muscles in every pass i can think of. Legs not as much I guess but it would help to have legs tht can support a big body.

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for girls, big muscles =]

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Anybody can get big muscles at any age, although a muscly kid would still only be as strong as a regular adult because of weight and height thrown into the mix. Also, as a kid has less fat and muscle to begin with, it will take much longer and be a lot harder for a kid to get big muscles. TACOFISH47: actually kids are naturally smaller than adults, so their muscles wouldn't have to increase size as much to appear ripped!

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